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Best Aluminium Windows and Doors  in Cape Town:

Searching for Aluminium windows in Cape Town? Have you come to the correct location! MCAlusteel Windows & Doors is a fast growing, South African based independent business.

We specialise in manufacturing, supplying and installing directly to all. Whether it is at home or at the office, we do standard size windows and doors as a cost saving option.  There is no job to big or to small we do it all. We will customize it to your specifications.

But not all businesses who perform Aluminium installation services are the same. Some use low quality Aluminium materials and only have a limited selection installation types. This is why the best choice for you when looking for the right company is McCalusteel Aluminium Installation. We specialize in Aluminium window and door frames, stackable, foldable and sliding Aluminium doors, and only use the finest quality Aluminium materials. This high quality and excellent variety of service is why we’re the #1 Aluminium installation service in the Cape Town area

What we Offer:

The Finest Quality of Aluminium Materials
There are a lot of consideration to factor in when working with Aluminium , deciding which type is best for you. Is it not only easy to work with, but also strong enough for the job? Is it the alloy you use easy to weld with? Does it have excellent mach inability? Does it have sufficient corrosion resistance to withstand both the elements and repeated use? Do you want it to respond to heat treating? Is it strong enough to both work with and have long life?

It’s this kind of careful consideration that makes us here at McCalusteel Aluminium Installations have such a high degree of customer satisfaction. The kind of Aluminium Products and materials we work with are excellent for all kind of weather, architectural applications such as windows and door frames. Not only do we use the finest quality of Aluminium , they’re easy to work with – meaning they’re easy to customize according to your specifications. The best materials will always equal the best results. This is the reason McCalusteel Aluminium are the only professionals you should have installing Aluminium windows, doors  in your home or business

Products & Services

Folding/Stacking Doors

11 Jun 2013
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Sliding doors are not the only door variation we at McCalusteel Aluminum Installation can provide. We also install aluminum folding... More +

Aluminum Windows

11 Jun 2013
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Aluminum windows are much different than their vinyl counterparts when replacing your windows for a more natural look and feel... More +

Aluminum Sliding Doors

11 Jun 2013
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Speaking of exotic designs, sliding doors are becoming all the rage in modern home design. We here at McCalusteel would... More +

Aluminum Door Frames

11 Jun 2013
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Like windows, aluminum doors have excellent thermal performance, give you design flexibility and are made from environmentally sustainable materials. In... More +
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